Working in IT Security: Information Technology 101

IT Security is of utmost importance when managing IT services for any organization.

Roman Gruzdev, CEO and Chief Technology Advisor of Sequentur, has over 20 years’ experience in the field of information technology. In this video, he explains that hacking (white-hat, of course) was not always his favorite thing to do. The demand for IT security in his field, however, made it ideal for him to learn and practice IT Security, and to make it available to Sequentur’s clients.

Risks for IT Security Professionals

Roman discusses the risks involved when working in IT Security for client organizations, giving two examples from his experience. These experiences with hackers indicate how the understanding and knowledge of security practices must stay a step ahead of the hackers. Essentially, by hiring a managed service provider who works in IT Security as well, you are less of a target and way more prepared in case an attack does get through.  Being a white-hat hacker means that one can successfully run penetration testing. Additionally, experience with incidence response requires more than just an education in Networking or Systems Administration. Real world experience is critical to success in Security.

Outsourcing IT Security

Outsourcing of your organization’s IT Security gives you the advantage of knowing you have IT Professionals with real-time experience in fending off security threats. For Sequentur, IT Security means staying a step ahead of hackers who could otherwise steal your information or crash your resources. The reward for working in IT Security is knowing that you are providing peace of mind for client organizations.

Watch the Video to hear it from Roman!