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Sequentur Web Services

Sequentur offers full scale web development services for any business. We provide web and API development, design, SEO marketing services, server maintenance and migration, custom coding, and secure integration on every level. Every service is carefully planned through innovation and attention to detail. We work to implement a fullspectrum of internet-related services to businesses. 

With each day that passes, the Internet and technology become more integrated with almost every aspect of our daily business. Expectations for websites, interest in timely and relevant information to devices and web security is continually rising. With that in mind, we are determined to provide our clients with a state-of-the-art web presence, security and functionality required to compete and thrive in competitive markets. 


– Custom Web Design and Development
– WordPress & Drupal
– API Development
– Custom Graphic Design
Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click (PPC)
– Social Media Security Training
– Web & Server Security
– Server Maintenance & Migration
– Linux & Windows Server Structuring
– Azure Hosting & Maintenance

How do we get started?

We begin with a thorough analysis of your business where we find the people that are searching for your products or services online. Using this information, we write content that helps to rank your site at the top of search engines so that they find you and inquire.

Next, we strengthen your website by writing unique content that is engaging and promotes your business. This content is used to populate your pages, blogs and social media posts to make your site more visible to the general public.

From here, we create social media accounts on your behalf and user profiles for each – all designed to increase your rankings. All the above is supported by Sequentur with excellent service and friendly support from our staff.

Web Services and Development

Sequentur’s 3Part Marketing Analysis:

1. Analysis. Your current website and web properties are analyzed. We inspect each page, article and link to go over what keywords you are targeting. We then compile this list in a comprehensive report with statistics for each keyword including current ranking, potential and approximate value.

2. Questionnaire. A list of alternate keywords is created based on the above analysis. These alternate keywords are keywords that were found to have high potential value to you. The questionnaire serves two purposes – a. It helps us determine how relevant the keyword is to your business and b. It helps us understand your business better so that we can develop an effective online marketing strategy with you.

3. Results. Using your answers from the questionnaire, we compile a list of keywords (generally between 25 and 50) that we feel can help your business the most. These are based on searches per month, competition, marketing costs, and potential revenue as well as other, proprietary factors. This report can be implemented over time or on an immediate basis for optimal results.

Let’s get started!