Training an In-House Systems Administrator: How to Make Them a Success

Roman Gruzdev, Chief Technology Advisor and CEO of Sequentur, discusses the training of an in-house Systems Administrator or Network Administrator.

What does it take?

Many of our clients request information on what it takes to train an in-house Administrator. Some organizations can benefit from complimenting their Sequentur managed services with an in-house Systems Administrator.  We can assist you and your selected Systems or Network Administrator in hitting the right targets in training so that the administration of your systems and network can flow properly and complementary to the operation of your organization.

Technical Training Requirements

Technical aspects of in-house systems administration include hands-on training to gain knowledge which is applied in the technologies which make your network function properly. These will typically include official certifications in Microsoft, Cisco, and Citrix deployment and maintenance.

Practical experience with Active Directory, Exchange, and Office 365 will be necessary and beneficial. Additionally, knowledge of network design, security, and monitoring, as well as end-user support skills are a desirable requirement.

Administrative Aspects of Training

Along with the technical skills needed by System and Network Admins, the administrative side of the position is critical to success.  Knowledge of backup procedures and documentation is crucial in order to assure continuity in case of problems, or even during a transition or new hire. Documentation of services, network, passports, licenses, and contracts is an area where administrative skills can contribute to technological success. Checklists and tracking procedures are important as well.

Another highly important skill involves the ability to learn quickly and to keep up with technology updates and changes. This goes hand-in-hand with the ability to solve problems on the fly. That is to say, that Google Search skills are highly valuable for Network and System Admins in order to keep up to date and to solve problems quickly.

Organizational Function

What about the function and description of the position? If you are considering training an in-house Systems or Network Administrator for your organization, it will be important to define the role of the Administrator and the expectations of executives. In the video, Roman gives you an overview of some key points that will help you identify where the Systems Administrator fits within the IT Department, and what expectations the Administrator must consider within the organization.

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