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The biggest issue in business currently is the fear of being hacked. With recent attacks on Marriott and other major industry companies, protecting yourself from ransomware and having all of your servers and files cryptoed, the best in cybersecurity protection is with Sequentur. We partner with Ingram Microsoft and other supply chains to offer you the best deals available! From new servers, switches, or firewalls, Sequentur can quote you the lowest costs you can find (it’s true!).

However, if you’ve already been hacked and your files are being held for ransom, RYUK can cripple your professional standing, as well as ruin all the time and effort your business has put in every area of your company. Not every file can be taken by hackers, although if your backups are compromised, what can you do? The worse option is to pay the ransom, as it opens you to the dark web that you pay when you get hacked. Choose the right fix by enlisting Sequentur to recover and crack the encryption with the greatest in RYUK ransomware solutions.

Sequentur can offer you counter measures to defend your system before ransomware hits you!

The best cybersecurity softwares and options are:

  • CylanceOPTICS
  • Knowbe4 Cybersecurity Training
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Backups
  • Automate
  • Zerto

The cost of protecting your business before a hacking attack is far less than the damage of having to pay the ransomware for the return of your system and the mess that is left in its wake. Contact Sequentur for pricing and more information on disaster recovery solutions and your ideal backup measures from ransomware!

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