Communication in IT and Organizations


Improving Performance and Efficiency


You don’t want the IT department to become the 5th wheel in your organization.  Improving the performance and efficiency of an IT department goes hand in hand with the same improvements in an organization.  The primary way to make IT more efficient is to improve communication.


Communication to Improve Efficiency


In this video, Roman Gruzdev, CEO and Chief Technology Advisor for Sequentur, gives an example that describes the need for communication in the IT department to be as essential as the need for air.  In a combustion engine, the need for continuous input of air is necessary for the engine to run smoothly.  For an IT department, or in any business organization, that “air” is communication.


Improving the Methods of Communication


Roman gives more detail on the lines and direction of two-way communication in organizations and the means, by which, these communications occur.  In business, the primary tools for communication are voicemail, cell phones, desk phones, email, and internal messaging.  Sequentur improves the flow of communication within an IT department and the organization by assessing messaging and collaboration systems and then making them better and faster.