Case Study: Hammer Haag Steel for IT Managed Services

One of Florida’s largest Steel Mills chooses Sequentur to provide Managed IT Services.


The Background:

Hammer Haag Steel Inc. is a family owned and operated business. Their basic business principles are trust and dependability, and they ensure that honesty and integrity are foremost in their service and products.

Hammer Haag Steel completes projects on time and to the highest industry standards. Coordination, scheduling and project control enable them to help clients maximize profitability.

The team has the experience and skills necessary to fabricate projects from high tech vehicle automation machinery, complex tanks and oversized kilns to large coasters and other amusement rides. Their structural division also fabricates and erects large and complex steel structures, which gives them the edge over other fabrication companies.

The Challenge:

Hammer Haag was getting managed services from a different local provider for their needs.  CEO, Constantine Haag was unhappy with the responsiveness of the current vendor and additionally, their server room was disorganized, their wireless was non-existent around the office and the last backup was three months old. Their primary server also had a blinking amber light on it.

The Solution:

Hammer Haag contracted with Sequentur for their new IT Managed Services.

Sequentur immediately recommended getting a new, industry-standard firewall with wireless, that provided coverage throughout their office.

Sequentur replaced the ailing server, secured it and got it backed up at the correct, regular intervals.

Sequentur also addressed a myriad of other issues, until the Hammer Haag infrastructure became stable.

The Benefits:

“Today, we have IT that we use, thanks to Sequentur,” said IT Director, Dragan Selak.

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