3 Reasons to Choose Managed IT Services over an Internal IT Department

With the number of hacking attempts, phishing scams, and natural errors that can occur with technology, no matter how high grade or up to date, there’s always a need for IT. With the ever-growing necessity for better standards in information technology and businesses, the best and most efficient route to take is with managed IT services.

Managed IT Services vs. an IT Department

When you look at technology and the advances in it over the last decade, it’s no wonder that the value and necessity for IT has reached new levels never before seen. For a business, information technology goes hand in hand to protect and safeguard your digital files. With the evolvement of the Cloud and Microsoft Azure playing a burgeoning part in the online, work industry, it’s vital for your growth to know the right steps to take.

Usually, as a company grows, the more resources that can be slotted for IT. However, what most people and companies are not aware of is the benefits of Managed IT Services compared to housing an entire IT department internally. Cost-wise, you will save hundreds of thousands (if you’re a large company) and several full employee costs (if you’re a smaller company) by choosing Managed IT Services.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is a type of information technology agreement where a business hires a third-party company to handle their IT infrastructure. This means that your servers, your licenses (such as Microsoft, Office 365, Citrix, Cylance, etc), and any computer software, issues, downtime, firewalls, and backups are run by an outside IT company.

Now, it may seem odd to give your inner servers and protected information access to an outside source. However, with a formidable history and large success rate, an outsourced IT company can become your dream solution to saving overhead and having a fully reliable and handled IT network.

Managed IT Services is usually a contracted, yearly agreement that lays out the full delivery and scope of work allotted for your IT network. If your systems suddenly go down, this IT company will be alerted (either by warnings from the servers, or a call from an employee of your business) and it will instantly be set as priority one to handle and resolve so your network is operational ASAP.

Updates, errors, cache clearing, implanting new employees onto your subscriptions and workstations, these are all handled with Managed IT Services. The best part is that the annual cost for Managed IT Services is far below that of supplying an entire IT Department internally, where you’ll have a salary, hourly, taxes, insurance, and more to cover.

Managed IT Services with Sequentur

At Sequentur, Managed IT Services is our specialty, with top trained technical engineers monitoring your network. We partner with Ingram, Knowb4, Microsoft Azure, Cylance, and other prominent tech companies to offer you the best protection and reliability for your digital requirements. The full scope of work Sequentur can operate is settled upon by the agreement, with your needs and ideal scene for your network carefully considered.

Sequentur has over 20 years of engineering experience, evolving with technology since the 90’s. Believe it or not, our competitors often call Sequentur to handle technical issues or severe problems that they don’t know how to resolve themselves! Leading the pack is Sequentur’s CEO and Chief Technical Advisor, Roman Gruzdev, who is known for delivering the best Managed IT Services and never leaving a client’s digital environment vulnerable or unassessed for maximum vitality.

Your CFO will love the chance to reduce internal costs by choosing Managed IT Services over an internal IT department. Contact Sequentur today at 202-930-4860 or 813-489-4122 to receive a free network assessment! We have offices in Tampa and DC, with engineers available to visit onsite. Feel free to ask us any questions and help to make your IT network even better!