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Sequentur | DC/Northern Virginia Mobile Workforce/Disaster Recovery/Server Integration solutions

Welcome to Sequentur LLC, your one-stop center for Mobile Workforce, Disaster Recovery and Server/Network integration services.

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions are based on the thorough analysis of business workflow and operational roles.

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Our mobile workforce matrix fits size and role of any business: small, medium or enterprise.

Systems Integration

Our professional engineers can handle your biggest Server Consolidation and Integration projects.

Cloud Computing/Virtualization

Our Cloud/Server virtualization solutions as designed to provide return on your investment

Our Services


Disaster Recovery

Anyone who has ever recovered from a disaster knows that if anything can go wrong during recovery, it will go wrong. Serial numbers get lost, software CDs are found to be scratched and tape drives throw wild error codes.


Data Migration Solutions

We specialize in Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive and Azure migrations. Move to the cloud takes huge pressure off and gives unlimited features that can benefit your business such as cost and time savings, flexibility, reliability and many more.

  • What our customers are saying...

    “Sequentur is a highly competent IT support vendor I have relied on for over six years. They provide expert IT services at an affordable price. Their technicians are knowledgeable and able to resolve simple or complex technical issues on a timely fashion. With a partner like Sequentur, my users are happy and I sleep well at night knowing my infrastructure is in great hands!”

    Meta Tshilombo, Senior Director, Information Technology

    Community Associations Institute

  • What our customers are saying...

    “I feel confident recommending Sequentur to anyone searching for a customer oriented IT company. They have wonderful customer relations as I have found them to be exceptionally responsive, friendly, timely and readily available to help when needed.”

    Chyrssa Zizos, President

    Live Wire Media Relations

About Us

We are a customer-centric professional IT services company

Our engineers can work on any components of the small, medium and enterprise business IT infrastructure, but our main areas of expertise are mobile workforce solutions and disaster recovery preparation.

Our Core Values

Our engineers, sales and admin staff treat every client like it is our own business. The quality of our workmanship and our reputation speak for themselves. We always think of the client first and we never leave a job undone.

Our Professionalism

We take pride in our work and Sequentur system and network engineers share the same passion for delivering the perfected product every time. Our engineers are not only certified, but drilled, field-tested and experienced on every project that we undertake.

Quality and Responsibility

We always deliver what we promise and we always try to do more. This is our operating policy. We strive for the best possible quality of service and delivery solution, every time.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide our clients with a reliable and cost-efficient mobile workforce, disaster recovery and server integration/consolidation solutions and premium IT services as to further efficiency, reliability, security and overall performance of the client’s Information Systems.

Why We Do it

Sequentur is a Latin word and its meaning is “to continue, to follow”.

We always listen, analyze and produce the deliverables based on the client’s requirements, utilizing a wide range of standardized Sequentur solutions available

Our goal is an uninterrupted, 100% IT infrastructure uptime, with unparalleled reliability, performance, security of all IT-related systems and within reasonable cost for all our customers.

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